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Sheila holding a bust of Alexis de Tocqueville
Sheila holding a bust of Alexis de Tocqueville
      Sheila LeSueur was born on the Channel Island of Jersey in 1927. Thirteen years later, when the German third Reich marched into the Island to begin five long years of Occupation, the value of Freedom suddenly gained a new importance.
      At the age of 25 she arrived in New York to start an adventure that would last the rest of her life. Two Flags, One Heart tells the personal story of a girl from Jersey who settles in the U.S.A. and becomes an American Citizen. Life, however, is not that simple and her thoughts often turn to the beautiful island she left behind.
      De Tocqueville's observations in his book Democracy in America fueled Sheila's interest in the democratic process. Her desire to become a more informed voter caused her to take a look at her own life and the events which have shaped it. Two Flags One Heart describes her struggle to answer the question, "Am I a real American?"

    "There is one absolute in all of our lives. We have no choice of parents, ethnic origin, village, town, or country. In that way, we are truly equal. From that time on our lives are as different as our fingerprints."

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